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My name is Mike, I am a photographer who specialises in events, travel, portrait, sport and music photography.  I am originally from Manchester, UK.  I am currently living and working in Auckland, New Zealand.

I am also a traveller, videographer and writer.


My interest in photography started in March 2010.  I was walking to my university when someone handed me a leaflet.  It was an invite to attend a rally in Bolton that weekend.

The rally had been organised by the EDL (English Defence League), a far-right street protest movement .  The leaflet invited me to join the counter-rally organised by the UAF (Unite Against Fascism), a anti-fascist pressure group.

Although I knew little about each group at the time I decided to attend as it would be a good opportunity to take some photographs.  I had been interested in photography for a number of years before but this was the first event I attended purely for photography.

The rallies were very emotionally charged and trying to capture that emotion with photos and video was highly addictive.  I had tried other forms of art before... drawing, music, dance, but none of them worked for me.  But on that day with a camera in my hand I had found my art.

The travel bug

In 2012 I moved to Australia on a year long visa and immediately discovered my love for travel.  I got a job in Sydney and with my first pay-cheque I bought my first DSLR.  It was at this point I begun writing and started to experiment with blogging.  I went through many formats and writing styles until I settled on a personal writing style where included as much of my personality and humour as possible.  Whilst this wasn't for everyone I decided that I would be happier as a writer if I made a few people laugh and connect with me on a deeper level compared to a having a larger audience that only connected with me at a shallow level.

Writing and photography became my main two hobbies (as well as sampling Australian lager).

After returning to the UK I did my first photoshoot in a studio environment.  This was very different from the travel photography I had been doing whilst living in Australia.  I found shooting an unfamiliar type of photography that challenged my skills highly rewarding.

I spent the following months experimenting with different types of photography and started a short blog where I wrote about my experience.

After 9 months in the UK I moved to Mexico and spent half a year travelling across Central America.  Here I managed to subsidise some of my travel expenses with my skills as a photographer.

I did the photography for a tour group through a large leg of their journey.  I also worked as a photographer for a weekly bar crawl event which was an event highly recommended by the Lonely Planet guide.  I also did a photoshoot in a gymnasium and did photography for Sea Shepherd to help promote the conservation work they were doing in the area.

During my travels I was lucky enough to witness and photograph the Semana Santa processions in Antigua which were some of the largest Easter processions in the world.  One of my photos of this event was published by the BBC news website.

After returning from Central America I returned to full time work to save up for my next trip abroad.  During this time I did a photoshoot for a music band and did videography at a live music gig.  I also went on a 2 week road trip around Europe and visited and photographed some of the most beautiful and famous cities in the world.

On top of an active volcano in Nicaragua. The ground was too hot to touch by hand.

On top of an active volcano in Nicaragua. The ground was too hot to touch by hand.


Towards the end of 2014 I started to shoot and develop black and white film and at the start of 2015 I shot and published on YouTube my first videography project.

I had been focusing on photography but videography had always been a strong interest of mine.  As a child I was obsessed with the family camcorder and would take any opportunity to run around and make short films including a spoof documentary on the life of my parents.

2015 was also the year I decided to focus more on the publicity and business side of photography.  Ever since starting photography I had accumulated a vast and varied collection of photographs that I had only really shared with my social circles.  I felt that these photos deserved to go beyond my social circles and should be shared and enjoyed throughout the world.

In late 2015, I started seeking and accepting freelance work in the Manchester area.  I photographed many events, ranging for classical musical recites held in a church to graduation balls and live music events.

Oh Canada

In the summer of 2016 I moved to Canada and was hired by Banff Photography as a senior portrait photographer and retail assistant.  In this role, I was responsible for doing high end portrait session for clients staying in the exclusive resort of Lake Louise.  I also did 1 hour photo lessons, group photos for tour groups and helped run the retail side of the business.  During this year I also photographed two local sport tournaments as well as many events held in and around the Lake Louise area.

2017 10 01 Leaving Party-7.jpg

In the summer of 2017, I travelled across Canada and decided to settle down in Montreal for the winter.  In the spring of 2018, I returned home for a few weeks and moved to New Zealand via a 2 month trip through Europe, Southern Asia and China. I am now currently based in Auckland.

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