X-mas Unplugged

Ever since moving to Montreal I felt like I had moved into concert photographer's paradise, or bootcamp depending on how you look at it.  It was great having access to all these bands to shoot, but also slightly exhausting.  The night of the 2nd of December was a particularly good example, an acoustic theme event, with 5 bands scheduled to perform.  When I say bands, the sizes varied from duos to 4 piece rock bands.  We also had a pianist performing as part of a duo, to add variety to an already variety packed night.

"Variety is the spice of life", something Neil, my old Civil Engineering director used to tell me, the same director who made me redundant a year later and set me on the path that led me here, a roaming photographer in Montreal.  I guess he was more right than he would ever have known.  Civil Engineering almost feels like a past life for me now.  The days of the Stinger Street Steps and Travis Brow II have become faded.

Instead I am crouching in front of a live band, in front of a busy bar trying to get that perfect shot.  The process has become somewhat routine now, I usually start on the left side of the stage, take a few tight, medium and wide shots, then slowly make my way to the right side of the stage and repeat.  The bands were great, each of them bringing something different to what was already a musically rich night.  Carrying about the camera can be exhausting after a while, but when you are listening to great music it makes it all worth the while.

In case you want to know what it is like to be me for a few minute, check out Mike Vision: