FAWNA, Atamone and Jesse

2017 12 01 Fawna Atamone Jesse-260.jpg

FAWNA, Atamone and Jesse

Of Montreal

I was actually working that night, as a volunteer I work one shift a week downstairs in the bar.  My duties as a volunteer generally include, prowling around the bar collecting glasses, loading and unloading the dish washer, cutting limes and mopping up puke from the toilet floor, or wherever people decide to deposit their stomach contents. 

Tonight we also had live music.  Singer/songwriter FAWNA, accompanied by musicians Atamone and Jesse were performing tonight.  Luckily the bar had a much more relaxed atmosphere.  Rather than the manic weekend crowd, usually consisting of backpackers who want to drink copious amounts of alcohol, it was a much more chilled crowd this night.  Music lovers who wanted to enjoy the vibes of the live music whilst slowly drinking their beers and mixers.  This less alcoholic dependant crowd meant I could temporary postpone my bar duties to take photos.

FAWNA's vocals were fantastic, she really had an exceptionally good voice.  Along with Atamone on the guitar/keyboard and Jesse on the bass, two very talented musicians.  Together they really created some awesome and chill vibes.


I did spend some time behind the bar working as well.

2017 12 01 Fawna Atamone Jesse-293.jpg

After most of the crowd left the bar.  A very friendly hostel guest bought some shots for me and the other staff.  Benefits of working in an environment with awesome people :)