Manchester Medsoc Prom

It had been a busy summer for me photographing events for my local university.  At first it was the CATs event back in the spring, now towards the end of the summer I found myself inside an old friary at a masquerade ball.

This was the University of Manchester Medical School graduation ball.  I was surrounded by a whole generation of future doctors, nurses and other health care professionals.  Young adults who will hopefully go on to have long successful careers of helping people, and maybe saving the odd life here and there.

ManMedSoc Prom-65.jpg

Good evening sir,

How is it down there?

But that was all in the future, right now it was all about the drinking, dancing and other graduation ball antics.  With this being a masquerade ball, according to tradition, you are technically allowed to say whatever you want to anyone else present, without fearing any consequences or repercussions.  Even if the other person knew who you were, the Venetian mask grants you absolute anonymity.  Which is really a great concept for a graduation ball.  But there were no arguments or character assassinations at this prom, if anything it was actually very tame and well spirited compared to the average.

The event was also very well organised.  There was a 3 piece band and a classical singer during the meal and two entertainers who walked around in stilts and performed a fire dancing show at the end of the night.  The local itself deserved a special mention.  It used to be a friary back in the day but had been tastefully converted into an events hall.  It was a beautiful location, very classy and elegant.

Really this was the perfect way to round off my busy summer.  I would have loved to have stayed, continued shooting events in and around Manchester.  But I was actually moving to Canada next week.  This night was me bowing out.  What would I end up shooting in Canada?  Where would my camera take me?  I actually had, no idea.