Hike up Lady Macdonald

Living in the Canadian Rockies you are spoilt for choice in regards to amazing hikes.  Driving down the Trans-Canada highway and looking out the window is like watching a conveyor belt of awesome hikes.  An endless horizon of amazing looking peaks just begging to be hiked.  This hike was actually decided by the flip of a coin, such is the high quantity of good hikes.

Mount Lady MacDonald was the hike for the day and it was an exceptionally hot day, in Canada?  Who would have thought?

Mount Lady MacDonald was a relatively tough hike.  Steep throughout with a somewhat tough scramble towards the top.  Although the difficulty was exacerbate by the hot weather.  For rating my hikes, I have come up with a simple hiking scale, based on my own experience of hiking.  1 Would just be a nice flat walk in the country, 5 would be Acatenango, that brutal hike I did in Central America.  

I would rate this hike 3.5 / 5 for difficulty.  A tough hike overall, but doable.