Calgary Stampede - Day 2

The majority of the morning and middle of the day was spent in the sun watching people perform various physical activities with horses and other livestock animals in the main arena.  It was a hot day with temperatures reaching the mid 30s.  The mid afternoon was spent generally relaxing and trying to escape the heat, drinking carnival lemonade in the shade under a tree.  During this time I saw an ambulance crew stretcher out a young girl, the midday sun had claimed another victim.  I also saw a beauty pageant pass by on the way to the main arena for the evening show.  I never really liked beauty pageants, just the idea of having a show based entirely on the appearance of the contenders just seemed a bit shallow to me.  Although this is an outside opinion as I have never attended a beauty pageant, maybe one to add to the list of things I have to attend and photograph?

The itinerary for this evening was, the chuck racing (chuckwagon racing), followed by the main evening show.  I was looking forward to the chuck racing, again going for my redneck country experience, and nothing says redneck more than watching a race involving horses and wooden wagons.  The evening show I was withholding an opinion on.  Songs, music, dancing; it all sounded good, just not very country.

We returned to the stands where we had watched to morning activities, luckily we were in the shade now and the evening temperature was much less punishing than the midday heat.

The Chuck racing was great, everything I had wanted from a country show and more. Having four horses and a wagon involved made the racing more intense compared to just having one horse.  Having the figure of 8 start made the racing about manoeuvrability as well as straight line speed.

Next up was the evening show.  I didn't know much about this show other than it was "very good".