End of the snowboarding season

I remember getting onto the chairlift for the first time like it was yesterday.  Everything was new and exciting back then.  This whole snowboarding thing, although the first few weeks were utterly miserable.  Sliding down a hill sideways isn’t something that comes naturally, it didn’t to me anyway.  I persevered and after a while things started to work and I could start to enjoy the ski hill.  The slopes and snowboard was great, but the one thing I will always remember more was the views.

Being stood on top of the mountain looking over the valley towards the Rockies, I would honestly say it has to be up there as one of the top 10 views you can witness on this planet.  It was just something that you couldn’t get used to, always beyond comprehension.  A lot of people tell me how lucky I am to be able to travel and witness views like these, although I would argue it was more a case of choice than luck.  But in some ways, they were right, I always thought to myself that most people won’t see these views.  Instead it seems most people live out their lives in cities, working mundane jobs and occasionally going on holiday to somewhere “warm and sunny”.  An experience that only goes skin deep whereas time spent in the cold mountains goes to the core.

Sunday was the last day the hill was open, for this ski season at least.  It was well into Spring with temperatures during the day reaching a comfortable 9°C.  It was a slightly surreal experience snowboarding in the warmth whilst just wearing a t-shirt.  There was a large group of us as well from the hotel that day.  We spent most of the day snowboarding and drinking beer and it was the perfect way to end what had been a fantastic first season.  I did feel a slight bittersweet about the whole thing though.  My original plan was to leave Lake Louise before the next ski season, which meant I wouldn’t be back here.  I could stay but I still had a lot more of Canada is explore.  Would I ever live in the mountains again, feel the rush of the cold air and witness views like these?