One of my stops on my Canadian road trip was "somewhere in the prairies", I hadn't planned where exactly but I wanted more of a country experience.  I got a taste for the Country Life at the Calgary Stampede and Strathmore Stampede, but I wanted something a bit more hands on.  Whilst I was looking at hostels in Edmonton I found a hostel on the map that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere.  Through further reading I found out this was a hostel based on a ranch with many prairie activities such as horse riding.  This sounded great but I was more excited about the fact the hostel was part of a working ranch.  Maybe I could get involved with every day ranch life and get a true taste of the country life.  I wanted to find out what the big deal was with country living, find out what George Canyon was singing about.

I wanted to leave straight away but the hostel was fully booked, so I made reservations for the first available day and the rest of that week.  Ironically when I showed up, the place was empty.  It seemed the last group that left were also the last of the summer season.  There wasn't much going on in the ranch either, all the summer duties had been completed and now the owners were waiting for the spring.

I still had a good week in Rossburn.  Between a few horse rides and walks through the fields I managed to work my way through a large backlog of unedited photos from my last few weeks in Lake Louise.  I also caught up with my French learning commitments, that I had recently neglected.  I also did a vlog, which is linked below.  Enjoy:

I always end up photographing ice hockey...even in the middle of nowhere.

Riding Mountain National Park was one of the main attractions in the area.  A great place to go horse back riding.

There was a power cut on the final night.  With it being pitch black everywhere I used this opportunity to try out a technical known as star stacking.

StarStaX_2017 10 16 Rossburn Dark Sky II-100-2017 10 16 Rossburn Dark Sky II-99_gap_filling.jpg

And my vlog: