Ice Magic

The 3rd week into 2017 at Lake Louise played host to the Ice Magic festival.  Although it was more of an ice sculpturing competition than a full-blown festival as watching the ice sculpturing seemed to be the main and only activity in this so-called festival, not like that is a bad thing.

The competition was made up of various small teams (about 2 or 3 people) who had come from across the world with their chisels and chainsaws to compete in this very specific field of talent.  The competition or “festival” was being held in the grounds at the back of the hotel which had predominately been an empty space, with the exception of the ice bar.
Lake Louise was the perfect location to hold this event.  Watching these talented people carve ice with a frozen lake and frozen mountains in the backdrop, it all fitted in nicely.  There was something strangely soothing about observing the process as well.  I found the sound of sharp edges carving against smooth ice oddly satisfying.  Maybe I am just weird.

It was interesting seeing these people dedicate so much time and mental energy to work on something that is ultimately going to melt in a few weeks.  I guess you have to be a little bit mad to be an ice sculptor, I think all artist have a certain degree of lunacy.  And maybe the temporary nature of the sculptures in some way makes them more beautiful?  A masterpiece for a short time, never to be replicated.

I pondered over these thoughts whilst glugging mulled wine at the ice bar.  Devon who works behind the ice bar had recently introduced me to mulled wine with a shot of spiced rum.  I am not a big fan of mulled wine or spiced rum, but when combined the results are amazing.  It is the perfect drink for when you are sat in an ice bar in a winter alpine climate in the middle of an ice sculpturing competition.  

Ice skating, an ice castle, horse drawn sleigh rides… I wonder what will come next to Lake Louise?