Not the musical, this was a talent show hosted by CATs (Cancer Awareness in Teenagers) group.  This was actually my first event I photographed for the University of Manchester.  I picked it up from a Facebook group I had joined a few months ago.  The Univeristy of Manchester Photographic Society.  I originally joined this group because I wanted to use their darkroom.  I was currently going through a film phase and I needed somewhere to develop and generally play around with film and the developing process.  I thought working with film would bring me further back to the origins of photography and make me a better photographer.  However, after asking some people it quickly became apparent that the darkroom was currently only for the students of the University of Manchester.

Whilst I was in the Facebook group I noticed photography jobs were posted on the group fairly frequently, but I didn't apply for any of them.  Although the group was open to non-students, I somewhat didn't feel like I belonged in the group, as I didn't belong in their darkroom.  However after a few weeks, after seeing several jobs pass by without much interest from other members of the group.  I thought "fuck it" I am going to start applying.  It wasn't long until I found myself hired for an event.

The event was a talent show, organised by the University student union and hosted in one of the many event halls within the university grounds.  Various acts ranging from singers, musicians, comedians, dancers and poets took to the stage in front of a impressively packed student audience and at the front. There were also 4 "X Factor style" judges sat in the front who would comment on and critique each act's performance, in a honest, but also constructive way.  After all this was a charity event.

cats academy 2-649.jpg

Let the show begin

I arrived early, loitered around near the stage until the event hall filled and the show begun, I then started to do my rounds.  I mainly shot from the front left side.  There was a lot of space here for me to move around and photograph each talent from various angles.  I also took some shots from the back to get that overview shot of the stage and the audience.

With it being a charity event, the pay was barely enough to cover the bus ride home and a pack of beer for the editing.  But it was an enjoyable evening, I gained valuable experience and it got my foot in the door of the University of Manchester.  I wonder what I will be shooting next?  Maybe a prom?

cats academy 2-738.jpg

The CATs crew

Thanks for the awesome show.

Hey, whilst I have your attention.  The event, as you might be able to guess from the name "Cancer Awareness in Teenagers" was to raise awareness that teenagers can also get cancer.  It is not just something old people get.  So if you are fondling yourself, or someone else and notice a bump, it is always best to get it checked by a doctor.  Don't be a cancer chancer, kids.