Assignment 2 - Draw the line

Provided you have sufficient light, the most important composition element in any photography is lines.  

Lines are the building blocks of photos, if you look carefully you will see that any photo is just a series of lines.  Lines that define shapes and within those shapes comes, tones/colours and textures followed by rhythm, balance, symmetry, golden ratio, dominance, depth and ultimately emotion and story.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

My goal this week was to take a series of photos with lines the subject, here is how I got on:


There is certainly no lack of lines in Manchester.

If you look for them, lines are everywhere.

Railway lines, a common example of lines being used as a compositional element or the subject of a photo itself.  However with being commonly used it also risks becoming cliché.  One of the challenges of taking a good photo is using common elements in a new way. 

A shadow forming a line.

Lines are an important compositional element and there is no shortage of them in the urban environment.  The challenge comes from taking an interesting photo with lines themselves the subject.

Lines in an urban environment are rarely on there own, many lines come together to form a repeating pattern, windows, buildings, fences, pavements all follow this rule.  This leads me to my next assignment:  Rhythm and repetition, see you then!