Assignment 1 - Let there be Light

Light, the most important element of photography.  Without it, photography would not exist.  Even the word "photography" is derived from Greek for "drawing with light".

Despite its importance in photography light itself is rarely the subject of a photo, but rather a means to create a photograph of another subject.

For my first assignment, I decided to make light itself the subject.  My goal was to take a series of photos with light being the primary subject.  Starting on Monday 4th January I gave myself one week to go out and complete this task.  The rule is I am not allowed to use any photos I have taken previously, only ones I have taken since starting this task.

Here are my results:

John Ryland's library - on the one day it was sunny in Manchester this week


I wanted to take more photos with natural light, but considering I live in Manchester and it is winter the sun rarely made an appearance this week.  Walking around the city and night looking for lights makes you realize how much artificial lighting there is in the city.

The one time the sun did venture out I went and took a few photos inside the John Ryland's library.  I really like how the light came through the stain glass windows to produce the beautiful patterns on the walls, I just wish I could get closer.

Overall, I am somewhat happy with my photos, I would like to revisit this assignment in the summer and focus more on natural lights but for now I need to focus on next weeks' assignment: Lines.